We are creatures of story

“It is beautiful and intelligent work”

Rachel Burke

Stunning and amazing artistry, combined with intense emotions, bold themes and images.”

Scream Bloody Murder

Inspired by Australian female serial killers. Part horror show, part spectacle, Scream Bloody Murder is a bold and striking image-based dance theatre performance. Trailer here


Spare Rib

This work in development delves into women’s oral appetites. A chaotic mess of culinary delights, she fights feelings of longing and temptation. More


Plucked, the final moments, nominated for Outstanding Achievement in Dance New Media of the Australian Dance Awards. More

What I’m creating

A fusion of Hypnotherapy and Pilates Rehabilitation for pain management, as well as Hypnotherapy and performing arts practice/dance to support those who are challenged by performance anxiety.


News and Shows

  • Liquidskin Co-Artistic Director Georgina Bond
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    • Spare Rib
    • Return Season of Scream Bloody Murder.
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About Us

Dancer and choreographer Rochelle Carmichael brings over 30 years of dance, choreography and theatre experience together to create beautiful and evocative works designed to create intense emotions, strong imagery and bold themes.

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