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Rochelle Carmichael M.A.

Melbourne based, multi award-winning independent physical theatre director, contemporary dance choreographer, past performer (Meryl Tankard Dance Theatre) and artistic director of Liquid Skin.

Liquidskin Dance Theatre

Highly acclaimed independent contemporary dance and physical theatre. Formed by Artistic Director Rochelle Carmichael has been operating and producing performances worldwide since 1996.

It was as a performer for the Meryl Tankard Dance Theatre, where Rochelle’s passion for choreography emerged. Rochelle’s performance works are an innovative fusion of Australian and European creative life experience: a vivid mélange of powerful emotionally infused dance and theatre with fresh new ideas in design, costume, sound, light, illusion and puppetry, produce works well known for their diversity and ability to engage audiences.

Influenced strongly by her experience with Meryl Tankard, Rochelle is primarily interested in what makes people tick, what drives them, how individual’s characteristic ways of feeling or behaving form the meaning of their life. Rochelle excavates stories and experiences from the performers and artists she works alongside, bringing the richness of life to stage in the form of non-linear stories, that create vivid and powerful visual and emotional encounters.

Rochelle Carmichael has to date been highly recognised by media and peers with industry awards and nominations, and a plethora of strong media coverage. For more information please contact Rochelle on liquidskinstudio@bigpond.com

Rochelle received a personal invitation from the Regent of Karawang to return to Indonesia in 2019 to present her new work, Anomaly, for the International Karawang Dance Festival. This was followed by the premiere of the sold out season of Scream Bloody Murder and AroundAbout at The Abbotsford Convent (2019).

Rochelle first toured to Indonesia in 2018. Invited by Dimar Dance Theatre to create a new work, In the Presence of Absence. That same year her new work Earth, was presented in Melbourne at the Clocktower Theatre and subsequently premiered in Florence Italy in 2018.

Rochelle was employed as Melbourne Fringe Fashion Festival Director for two years running, and during this time worked alongside Regional Arts Victoria to implement the regional fringe fashion shows.

Supporting independent artists and students is important to Rochelle. She instigated programs that supported the development of new work for independent artists though SIPart with Theatre Works, the JOINT program with Utassy Ballet, and over the last 15 years has developed over 10 new works for the VCA Bachelor of Arts Dance students.

In 2014, Rochelle’s dance on film series Plucked, a collaboration with film artist Justin Batchelor, was nominated for The Australian Dance Awards, New Media. Rochelle received the Australian Choreographic Award and the Short and Sweet Dance Outstanding Choreographic Award for Out of No Thing. In 2004 Rochelle received the Melbourne Fringe Festivals’ Movement Award for Aoroi, and the same work was nominated for the Artzmedia Antenna Awards. In 1997 she was also nominated for the Greenmill Young Choreographers award for The Plumbing of Venus Beneath the Surface of the Vanity Basin, and in 2000 received the Dancehouse Choreographic Innovation Award for Study at Ground Level.

Current creative explorations are in progress, including Spare Rib, Memory Bank, and Why, is not a question.

Accolades Experience

(1994 – 2020)
2014 Australian Dance Awards (Nomination) Outstanding Achievement in Dance on Film/New Media for Plucked.

2014 Australian Choreographic Award for CROWD

2014 AICD Dance Creation Finalist for Enter Question

2013 Outstanding Choreographic Award Short and Sweet Festival for Out of No Thing

2013 Australian Choreographic Award for Out of No Thing

2004 Melbourne Fringe Festival Movement Award for Aoroi

2004 Artzmedia Antenna (Nomination) Awards for Aoroi

2000 Dancehouse Choreographic Innovation Award for Study at Ground Level

1997 Greenmill Young Choreographers award for The Plumbing of Venus Beneath the Surface of the Vanity Basin

1995 Audience Choice Award at Dancehouse Great Escapes Season for RUSH slips sex & marbles

Copyright: Rochelle Carmichael 2020

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