Our Passion is storytelling, for we are creatures of story
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Rochelle Carmichael M.A.

Melbourne based, multi award-winning independent physical theatre director, contemporary dance choreographer, past performer (Meryl Tankard Dance Theatre) and artistic director of Liquid Skin. Strategic Psychotherapist and Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Liquid Skin Dance Theatre

Highly acclaimed independent project based dance theatre. Formed by Artistic Director Rochelle Carmichael has been operating and producing performances worldwide since 1996.

Our mission is to create highly visual, emotionally bold and intellectually engaging Dance Theatre works that are both universal and intensely personal.

Our work enriches Australian Dance Theatre by redefining and blurring the boundaries of what dance is and can be, through drawing from distinctive performance languages, daring narratives, and original audience engagement experiences.

“Rochelle Carmichael’s work is Fringe in budget only. If she had one-tenth of the time and money that Philippe Genty has to create a work, she’d be bigger than (Lion King Director) Julie Taymor.“

Chris Boyd. Herald Sun


Everything we experience from when we’re born until we die, is our own unique story.


We are proud that we sit within the unknown, indefinable, the unfamiliar and offer a unique perspective.

We ask questions, daring to enter the void and the hidden recesses of human experience in order to present back to audiences, a shared story and understanding.


We provide opportunity for design artists, independent performers and other artistic collaborators, within the landscape of an independent dance theatre company.


We don’t follow trends; we follow our gut, our creative intuition – doing what is relevant to us now.


We use any performance language required to get the message out there – based in movement, our performance language is infinite


We are a company led by women, that celebrate and support diversity in women and people from all walks of life.

Out of No Thing, choreographed by Rochelle Carmichael was strong, powerful and dramatic. Did I detect a possible Bonachela influence combined with Butoh ? One to watch out for.”

Lynne Lancaster. Sydney Arts Guide

Current creative explorations in progress, include…

Spare Rib, Tapestries of She, Memory Bank, Why, is not a question , and The Pocket of Blouson.

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Copyright: Rochelle Carmichael 2020

About Us

Liquid Skin Dance Theatre, a project based company led by director and choreographer Rochelle Carmichael. For over 30 years Rochelle has taken a multidisciplinary creative approach to performance making, exploring bold themes, that are visually striking and emotionally evocative.

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