Excerpt from ‘Stone’ by Elizabeth Schatzlein
They are hungry
To share the truth
Hungry to speak,
To move,
To breathe …

2014  Space 28

Today’s standout was the second show ‘Stone’, choreographed and directed by Rochelle Carmichael. Her name is a familiar one for me. Last year, she choreographed a program ‘T.Issue’, and that one, too, was a standout. This year, she used two couches with wheels attached underneath it as a prop. It was a very clever idea. Dancers were either standing on them or lying on them, moving around the stage quickly or slowly….With hallucinatory beat sound by Zac Barraclough, spectacular lighting by Bryn Cullen, costume design by Robyn Mcpherson, and high octane energy output and at the same time, very graceful movement from dancers, this was one of the best contemporary dance performances I’ve ever seen.

Review 2014 : Hiro

All images by Jeff Busby

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