2019 Scream Bloody Murder & Around About

2019 In the Presence of Absence. Dimar Dance Theatre, Indonesia & Malaysia

2019 Anomaly. International Karawang Dance Festival

2019 The Conference of the Birds

2018 Dimar Dance Theatre, Indonesia

2018 Earth. Florence Dance Festival

2018 Sucked In. VCA performance season

2018 BeBlocks Artists Residency City of Maroondah

2017 Earth. The Clocktower

2017 No One Knows. VCA performance season

2017 Around. VCA performance season

2016 Out of No Thing. Sibu International Dance Festival

2016 Around. VCA performance season

2016 BeBlocks Dance Here Festival – Yarra Ranges

2015 Precipice. Transit Dance performance season

2014 Out of No Thing. Short n Sweet Festival Sydney

2014 Plucked. Ignite program Gasworks and Elgin Ties Dance Festival

2014 Enter Question. Dance Creation AICD

2014 STONE, VCA performance season

2013 Plucked. With Batchedit. On-line premiere

2013 Aoroi. Geelong Performing Arts Centre. Poppy Kettle Festival

2013 Out of No Thing. Geelong Performing Arts Centre, Short n Sweet Melbourne

2013 T.Issue. VCA performance season

2012 The Faders. Melbourne Fringe Festival

2012 Found Together. VCA performance season

2011 I am Familiar. VCA performance season

2010 Paper Man & The 499th Day. TheatreWorks, Melbourne Fringe Festival

2009 Clickity Clack & Aoroi. TheatreWorks

2008 SIPart program. TheatreWorks

2006 Ellipsis. VCA performance season

2005 Ellipsis. TheatreWorks The Rouge Room

2004 Signature. VCA performance season

2004 Aoroi. Melbourne Fringe Festival

2003 Breathing Space & Man.In.2.Parts Part Two. Dancehouse

2002 Man.In.2.Parts Part One. Midsumma Festival

2002 Man.In.2.Parts Part Two. Sydney Bodies Festival

2001/02 Melbourne Fringe Fashion Show Director

2001 Study at Ground Level. Sydney Bodies Festival

2001 Study at Ground Level & Tender Prey. Melbourne Fringe Festival

2000 Forgetful Fingers on a G-String. Dancehouse Bodyworks Festival

2000 Manufacturing Descent. Dance Creation

2000 Study at Ground Level. Dancehouse Great Escapes season

1999 Naked. Dancehouse Independent Season

1997 The Plumbing of Venus Beneath the Surface of the Vanity Basin. Greenmill

1997 Rush & The Plumbing of Venus… Dancehouse

1996 Now I lay me. Dancehouse Mixed Metaphor & Napier Street Theatre

1996 Soupcon. Greenmill Festival

1995 I mean. Dancehouse Great Escapes season

1995 La Di Da. Dance Week Launch

1995 Exhaust. Dancehouse Bodyworks season

1995 RUSH, slips, sex and marbles. MUD Festival

1995 And Edge of Cloth. VCA performance season

1994 Timid Angels. VCA Post Graduate performance season

About Us

Liquid Skin Dance Theatre, a project based company led by director and choreographer Rochelle Carmichael. For over 30 years Rochelle has taken a multidisciplinary creative approach to performance making, exploring bold themes, that are visually striking and emotionally evocative.

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