Scream Bloody Murder

A premiere Dance Theatre performance devised & directed by

Rochelle Carmichael

Inspired by Australian female serial killers.

SOLD OUT SEASON The Industrial School Abbotsford Convent 2019.


  • Scream Bloody Murder

Scream Bloody Murder is bloody brilliant! The sinister physicality, moody lighting and extraordinary choreography reflect the dark recesses of the minds of murderous women.”

Kay Bell (Author)

Part horror show, part spectacle, Scream Bloody Murder is a bold and striking image-based dance theatre performance..

This startlingly and affecting work successfully blurred and redefined many established boundaries surrounding contemporary dance and performance making. The use of the Industrial School at Abbotsford Convent, as a site specific space, was both highly innovative and original. Rarely does one experience a synergy of space, movement, visual image and sound that was so nuanced and mutually supportive.This is a mature work in all senses of the word, a creative offer which takes you in, takes you deeper and challenges you.

It is beautiful and intelligent work.

Performers appeared and disappeared, were glimpsed and hidden, were intimate and distant in the long, narrow and pillar- divided space. An audience relationship to the performers and performance space was created was which was experimental, carefully considered and created an engagement with the content that was utterly absorbing and new. The element of chance and choice in what was seen and received was an essential part of this experience that left you with the feeling that you had witnessed something both shared and intensely personal at the same time.

Skin, fabric, light, void, spoken word and sound all merged in a cacophony of image that was simultaneously familiar and strange, unsettling and arresting. This was an emotional and fascinating manipulation of bodies, form and space which I wanted everyone I knew to have the chance to see.

Thank you. Rachel Burke. Lighting Designer.

Collaborating artists

Iranian Musician Gelareh Pour & Musician Jake Carmichael

Lighting Designer Shane Grant

Costume support: Kevin Hayes & Utassy Ballet

Celebrated Australian Author Kay Bell

Performers: Catherine Underhill, Hadi Kazemi-Tameh, Georgina Bond, Rosie Osmond, Alice Robinson, and Bryan Smith.

Film/Edit John Perthuis original & Edit Trailer Luke Neher

What people are saying; messages from the Audience

From Rosa Mar Tato Ortega.

I am in awe of the visuals through light & the intensity of sound and light. Use of the space, chairs, doorway openings… am in awe of the strength of The dancers. And costumes!!

From Danielle Cresp.

Stunning performances, evocative soundscape & sterling lighting design/creation by Shane Grant!

From Jordan Nordz Smith.

“Dynamic and gripping piece of theatre with powerful imagery and movement.”

From Jenny Barnett.

“I won’t forget ‘Scream Bloody Murder’ Visually and viscerally powerful.”

From Harley Freeman.

“Looking at these strong poses and stark lighting are very reminiscent of Caravaggio’s artwork. Amazing!”

From Madeleine Aikenhead.

“An amazing, dynamic and original performance. So great to see such strong and diverse roles for women! “

From Nicole Ryan.

” Wow Rochelle, what a beautiful and yet dark theatrical experience, I loved it!! “




Supported by Yarra City quick response grants.

We are incredibly thankful to our Pozible supporters. Thank you Angela Pamic, Tim Robinson, Paul Schembri, Jacqui Fenwick, Shannon Parsons, Nicholas Canavan, Bikram Yoga Ascot Vale, Helen Tope, Stephanie Lake, West Point Ballet Academy, and  the twelve anonymous supporters. Thank you to the past contributors of the development for these works including, Jenny Kinder, the original Around cast, Jon Clarke, Jenny Robinson, Genevieve Neve, Harley Freeman, Kathleen Skipp, Paul Potter, and Paul Schembri.

Rehearsal venues: Nicole Ryan (West Point Ballet Academy), Anna Simm (AMS Dance School), Sue Hayes (Utassy Ballet).

VENUE Abbotsford Convent:  We recognise the traditional custodians of the land and water of the Wurundjeri People on which we work and live.

If you are interested in supporting the remount of Scream Bloody Murder, please contact Rochelle

“Scream Bloody Murder development in Indonesia, was supported by Creative Partnerships Australia through the Australian Cultural Fund.”

About Us

Liquid Skin Dance Theatre, a project based company led by director and choreographer Rochelle Carmichael. For over 30 years Rochelle has taken a multidisciplinary creative approach to performance making, exploring bold themes, that are visually striking and emotionally evocative.

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