The Faders

The Substation, Newport. Melbourne Fringe Festival 2012

DO YOU want to be famous? Be careful what you wish for. In The Faders, choreographer Rochelle Carmichael explores the cult of celebrity and the perils of valuing one’s self worth in the currency of public adoration.”

Jordan Beth Vincent. The Age Oct 6th, 2012

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“For a work that focuses on a generation that is familiar with the phenomenon of fame for being famous, The Faders is refreshingly old-fashioned in its use of highly physical and complex movement sequences and simple props. The dancing is the star here, and Carmichael is at her best developing intricate partnering work. There is a sense of a clear purpose and structure within the drama, which is mostly uncluttered and fully developed. With a vocabulary that suits the skills of these powerful dancers and the luxury of an enormous space in which to move, The Faders is Fringe at its finest.”    

Jordan Beth Vincent   The Age  October 6th 2012

“The Faders by Rochelle Carmichael is a really ambitious piece – eight dancers, HUGE, cavernous space at The Substation in Newport. This is Carmichael’s most complex work to date. It plays with ideas about desire for fame, celebrity and ideals about the future. There’s a fair bit of talking involved – which is usually a dicey proposition in contemporary dance, but here Carmichael manages to find a good balance of text and physical expression. Her dancers (mostly recent VCA dance graduates) are strong technicians…

The partnering and the choreographic formations shine. Carmichael is really good at curvacous, fluid, sometimes slightly aggressive groupings. (I think this comes from her time with Meryl Tankard…) A strong, earthy physicality permeates the whole piece. Also a highlight is Carmichael’s use of the ridiculously deep space – diagonals, lines, clusters, upstage, downstage – she finds a way to use it all.”

Stephanie Glickman

Performers: Michael Todd Foster, Rose Alice, Kathleen Skipp, Robert Brassington, Lisa Wilson, Kathleen Lott, Ashley Bye, Taylor Beattie, Jayde MacDonough

Collaborators: Music by Jacob Carmichael. Lighting by Shane Grant.

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Liquid Skin Dance Theatre, a project based company led by director and choreographer Rochelle Carmichael. For over 30 years Rochelle has taken a multidisciplinary creative approach to performance making, exploring bold themes, that are visually striking and emotionally evocative.

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