We are so grateful to the following people for their ongoing support and contributions to the development of Rochelle Carmichael’s performance works. We could not do this with out the talents and generosity of artists, collaborators and supporters such as these people. Thank you to all our supporters.

Nicole Ryan Westpoint Ballet Academy

At West Pointe Ballet Academy we strive to deliver the best classical ballet training for your child in a caring and nurturing environment. 
Our class sizes are controlled so that detailed attention can be given to each individual. We offer training in the RAD syllabus, Laurel Martyn Dance System, Russian Vaganova coaching and Contemporary Dance. Our teaching environment offers discipline, technique, musicality, artistry and creativity hand-in-hand. Our program is structured to develop young dancers from 3 years to pre-professional standard, and challenges them both physically and mentally with content that is appropriate for their age group.

This investment in your child will remain for the rest of their lives. You too, will be rewarded as you see your child develop in confidence, with a positive attitude and skills that transfer into all facets of their life.

The culmination of class work through the year is in our end of year production We pride ourselves in producing original ballets and dance works that challenge our dancers technically and theatrically. We place great emphasis on role development, expression and theatre etiquette. The experience of teamwork and performance opportunities will keep your child motivated as they develop with this most beautiful and athletic art form.

Hadi Kazemi-TamehSavage Art Productions

Savage is an art collective, record label and podcast series based in Melbourne focusing on contemporary arts, design, theatre, performance and techno (sound design).

Kathleen Skipp (& co) Dancentre Brighton

Inspiring body language: Dancentre classes are serious fun. We love dance so much that we want everyone from the age of 3 through to teenagers and young adults to experience the thrill that dance can bring.

Dance for recreation. Enjoy the moment!

Dance for education. Develop your dance skills and experience a sense of achievement. Pursue your love of dance to an accomplished level. Go on to study VCE Dance.

Dance for aspiration. Follow your dreams. Refine your skills progressively and build your knowledge, strength and fitness. Private lessons and competitions are suggested for students passionate about a career in dance.

Dance for fun. Our program includes Classical Ballet, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Tap and Contemporary. We have a specially designed Preschooler DanceFun program that combines a Combination class which introduces Jazz & Tap for children in Prep.

Thank you also to past supporters:

Thank you to Past supporters: Helen Tope, Angela Mamalis, and Christine Smith…

Lisa MimmocchiDesigner

Lisa has always been a great supporter of Liquid Skin, offering her unique talent and skills in the development of costumes, ideas, and through collaborations. Lisa works between Italy and Australia as a freelance costumier. Here credits include City of Sydney, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Ensemble Theatre, Cirque du Soleil, Sydney Festival, and Victorian College of the Arts, to name a few. She is currently developing new work in Rome, Italy, and will consult and design with Rochelle on Blockhead for Maroondah City Council, Scream Bloody Murder and 2 more works in development.

Angela Pamic – Management support/advisor. Producer

Angela has been working in the Arts for over 20 years in various roles ranging from Producer, General Manager, Festival Coordinator, Tour Manager and Marketing Manager. She most recently project managed the hugely successful Dance Massive 2015 and prior to that, worked with Ilbijerri [Associate Producer], ACAPTA [Marketing Manager] and Theatre Works [General Manager], and currently working with the Snuff Puppets. Rochelle and Angela met at Theatre Works, the begining of a wonderful working relationship.

Justin BatchelorBatchedit

Rochelle and Justin met back in 2011. Since then Justin has been able to help lift the profile of Liquid Skin through his generous and creative images and film work.

Rochelle and Justin collaborated on Plucked : a new physical theatre performance piece designed for film, and redesigned for theatre by Liquid Skin and BATCHEDIT. Devised and choreographed by Rochelle Carmichael, and subsequently co-directed and filmed by Justin Batchelor. Plucked received a nomination for the Australian Dance Awards, Film and New Media 2014.

Justin Batchelor has been involved in the arts for over 18 years, in both professional and independent capacities. Early involvement as an actor on stage, in film and television paved the way for a strong presence in and passion for the independent Melbourne scene. In his late 20’s an interest in film, originating in his teenage years, resurged, prompting him to become a filmmaker.

In the ten years since, he has written and directed a number of short films, which lead to the opening of Justin’s business, BATCHEDIT.

BATCHEDIT supports local Melbourne independent theatre, artists and small business with creative and dynamic videos, which showcase what they do and who they are. Justin’s aim is to support independent companies, showcasing their work and enabling the distribution of it, primarily online, to help enhance and promote their work.

Outside the arts world, his work with eBook publisher, Tercio Publishing, sees him working consistently in the digital platform. As Tercio’s Digital Content Manager, his skills in video creation, editing, distribution, talent sourcing and creative direction are vital to the success of its product.

Justin’s aim is a bold one: to be at the forefront of new media creation, as a source of work, both for himself and the variety of people he has encountered over the years. He recognises that strength of the arts community relies on passion, imagination, creativity, collaboration, trust, boldness and stories as well as finance. 

About Us

Liquid Skin Dance Theatre, a project based company led by director and choreographer Rochelle Carmichael. For over 30 years Rochelle has taken a multidisciplinary creative approach to performance making, exploring bold themes, that are visually striking and emotionally evocative.

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