Around About

Dance Theatre performance devised & directed by

Rochelle Carmichael


The Industrial School Abbotsford Convent

As part of the inaugural JOINT Inter-generational Dance Based Project Supported by Utassy Ballet and Liquid Skin

For some it is stronger than others.

“We are just people in clown suits, trying to fit in.”

VCA performance: Around (

VCA performance: Duet_Water (

VCA performance: Hands_Feet (

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Images by Andrew Howe Photography

Performers and contributors: 

Dominique Cheah, Danielle Canavan, Nikki Hayes, Kate Horner, Daryl Holland, Bella Punturere, Eleanor Desia Beveridge, Rory Spence,

& (The non-clown) Sebastian Geilings.

Lighting design: Shane Grant

Costumes (Joint program) : Kevin Hayes

Around About was presented as the first performance season of new Melbourne based dance project…

an inter-generational dance based project

A new collaborative mature and youth dance project; Our aim is to provide creative opportunities for both mature and young talented dancers and performers; inter-generational. Learning from each other, we are creating a community that is inclusive, accepting and supportive of individual experiences.

Around: first development. 

Victorian College of the Arts.

Presented at Studio 28, as part of the second (2016) and third year (remount 2017) Batchelor of Arts Dance Students graduating performance season.

We came too far
To get where we are
No matter what clowns
There’s no turning around
(kurtis scott 2016)

‘Around’ by Rochelle Carmichael is a comical interpretation of belonging and self exploration. Wonderful costume designs and brilliant choreography as usual. 

Review 2017: Hiro

‘Around’ by Rochelle Carmichael was a standout. I’ve seen her works in previous years, like, ‘T.Issue’ and ‘Stone’, and was always impressed by her unique, theatrical expressions. 
This production wasn’t anything I’ve seen before. 
It’s very difficult to describe it. It’s part of Tim Burton-esque mysterious fantasy world. It also suddenly descends into ‘Gangnam Style’ cacophonous incongruity.
Choreography itself was fascinating, a series of very complicated movements, but, dancers obviously were capable of pulling it off effortlessly. 
With dream-like costume, clever prop and soundtrack, this is a production that dares to challenge our imagination. 
I liked it a lot. 

Review 2016: Hiro

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Liquid Skin Dance Theatre, a project based company led by director and choreographer Rochelle Carmichael. For over 30 years Rochelle has taken a multidisciplinary creative approach to performance making, exploring bold themes, that are visually striking and emotionally evocative.

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