Winner of the Melbourne Fringe Festival  Movement Award 2004

“a tantalising, dark dance fantasy, follows the vicious antics of two nasty- but delightfully supple – fairies.”

(Jewel Topsfield The Age 8th October 2004)

“We didn’t forget dance, of course. Rochelle Carmichael’s lovely choreography and Paul Schembri and Larissa O’Brien’s dance came together in Aoroi. You couldn’t ask for much more drama in half an hour. Which other show could deal with that many themes with that many actors and with such televisual pace?”


“Remember watching Pinocchio for the first time, and the excitement you felt when the blue fairy appeared? Aoroi is a beautiful, intelligent movement piece about the allure of fairies. Reading fairy tales, losing your teeth, and meeting the blue fairy… all your favourites are in the show. The colourful, childlike wonder of Aoroi, devised by Rochelle Carmichael, makes for a beaming audience throughout the performance. You might just worry about how many fairies you’re killing with all the applause.”

Review Stage: St Kilda Bangs! – Lisa Pham :
Dwarf 5a
Paul Schembri and Larissa O’Brien (co- founders of Liquid Skin)
About Us

Liquid Skin Dance Theatre, a project based company led by director and choreographer Rochelle Carmichael. For over 30 years Rochelle has taken a multidisciplinary creative approach to performance making, exploring bold themes, that are visually striking and emotionally evocative.

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