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Spare Rib

She sits at an elongated table, that stretches from wall to wall, adorned with a chaotic mess of culinary delights. She begins with a simple gesture and little by little her sort emerges. Her world is revealed through the small tear in her dress, that piece of hair which refuses to stay in place, and her relationship to the waiter, the musician, the chef, the police man, a difficult hunk of pork and the spread which lay before her. She is confronted by her own unrelenting appetites. She fights feelings of longing and temptation.

Spare Rib delves into the depths of women’s oral appetites, and the sometimes desperate and funny measures some women go to, to purge the evidence from their bodies.

Scream Bloody Murder, the return season.

After the successful sell out season I’m 2019 at The Abbotsford Convent, we are working on a return season for 2021. Check out the Facebook page and register your interest.

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