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Dance, movement and choreography are my life. I’m also highly qualified in Pilates with over 26 years of national and international experience. Through this and 35 years in the dance and physical theatre industry I have a depth of expertise in how the body moves and the mind can work.

We in the industry know that having the right training, strength and physical attributes makes for powerful dancers/performers. Great dancers however have to develop a mental edge. This state of mind is paramount to dancers performance ability, injury prevention and recovery, career longevity, and personal well being whilst working in one of the most challenging industries.

I have always been curious about the ‘performance mind’. How dancers prepare, perform and work their minds pre and post performance and class. This area of our practice is under utilised and not prioritised enough particularly in the training of younger performance minds. This is the responsibility of choreographers, directors, teachers and performers.

I am studying to become a clinical hypnotherapist. Click here to see my site. I am developing a new skill set combining the best physical and mental fusion with hypnotherapy. I believe this will assist choreographers, director, teachers and dancers with added tools that support dancers and other performers to be truly at their best and be able to sustain themselves with a more healthy and sustainable mindset.

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Performance Anxiety

Is performance anxiety costing you opportunities? Does your breathing quicken, heart race, palms sweat, feel nausea, dry mouth or trembling uncontrollably? Find out more here.

Pain Management

We know that pain is the body’s way to inform us that there is something we need to pay attention to. Though sometimes pain can hinder even our ability to recover. Find out more here.


Spiders, small spaces, stage fright, heights, bugs, being alone, and flying are all common phobias. What ever your phobia, there are ways to safely and effectively help you treat these. Find out more here.

In short, what I appreciate in Ms. Rochelle Carmichael, and have come to admire and respect, is her integrity, commitment, resourcefulness and drive.

Mr Paul Schembri

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